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We import and sell diagnostic medicines, monoclonal antibodies,recombinant antigens for IVD products and research use from Medix Biochemica Ltd. in Finland. We also handle gold colloids for diagnostic medicines and various serums.

【Features of Medix Biochemica’s antibodies】

  • All antibodies are produced by Medix Biochemica Ltd. in its own factory.
  • All the monoclonal antibodies are produced from the in vitro.
    Therefore, there are no lot-to-lot differences, and the company has a production scale capable of handling gram orders.
  • All antibodies are available as pairs so that a sandwich assay can be carried out.
  • The selection of clones is based on the high affinity with the antigen and low cross-reactivity with other antigens.
  • When a customer first starts using a clone, we guarantee the supply by continued production until the customer notifies us to stop.


Monoclonal antibodies

  • Cardiac disease marker antibodies
    CK-MB, D-Dimer, FABP3, MPO, cTnl, cTnT, Copeptin, Galectin-3, Lp-PLA2, Myoglobin, NT-proBNP, Renin, ST2 etc.
  • Diabetes-related marker antibodies
    Adiponectin, Albumin, ApoA1, ApoB, C-peptide, Ferritin, HbA1c, Transferrin, CDF-15, Insulin, Prealbumin, Renin etc.
  • Infectious disease-related antibodies
    Chlamydia trachomatis, HBsAg, Influenza A, Influenza B, RSV, Strept A, Bocavirus, Clostridium difficile, Coronavirus, Helicobacter pylori, Malaria HRP2, Rotavirus etc.
  • Hormonal-related antibodies
    Alpha subunit, HCG, FSH, GH, LH, Progesterone, PRL, SHBG, AMH, Inhibin, Estradiol etc.
  • Serology antibodies
    IgA, IgE, IgG, IgM
  • Inflammatory marker antibodies
    AAT, CRP, Calprotectin, IL-6, IL-8, NGAL, SAA, Trypsinogen-2, Lactoferrin Procalcitonin, Transferrin etc
  • Thyroid-related antibodies
    Thyroglobulin, TSH, T4, T3 etc.
  • Cancer marker antibodies
    AFP, CEA, CYFRA21-1, Hb, NSE, Pepsinogen I, Pepsinogen II, PSA, Calcitonin, CA15-3, CA125, CA19-9, GDF-15, HE4, Inhibin A, S100B, SCC etc.
  • Bone Metabolism
    PTH, PINP, Vitamin D etc.
  • Kidney Marker
    Cystatin C, KIM-1, NGAL etc.
  • Drug of Abuse
    Benzoylecgonine (BE), Cannabinoid (THC), Methadone etc.

Recombinant antigens

Pepsinogen I, Pepsinogen II, Influenza A NP, Influenza B NP, Vitamin D, Adiponectin, ApoA1, Calprotectin, IL-6, IL-8, Lactoferrin, proBNP, S100B, ST2, Calprotectin, cTnI, cTnT, HcoV, Cystatin C, FABP3, Myogobin, NGAL, Maralia HRP2, Procalcitonin, SAA etc..

  • Other products
    • Gold colloid for diagnostic medicine
    • Various serums

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