Product Groups

Chemicals Division

Chemicals Department

This department meets customer needs with a broad product lineup ranging from general purpose and fine chemicals to environment-conscious products, including solvent recovery and deodorization units and industrial pollution-free detergents.

Contact information for the Chemicals Department:

Chemicals Department, Kureha Trading Co., Ltd    TEL : 03(3639)8721    FAX : 03(3661)9594   
E-Mail :

Adhesive Division

Resinous Bond Department

This department handles products from our manufacturing subsidiary Resinous Kasei Co., Ltd. We offer functional adhesives for the electric and electronic parts industry and for use in civil engineering and architecture.

Contact information for the Resinous Bond Department:

Resinous Bond Department, Kureha Trading Co., Ltd    TEL : 03(3639)8712    FAX : 03(3639)8732   
E-Mail :

Bond Materials Department

We contribute to advances in technical development by leveraging our informational strengths in the field of adhesives and coatings. We propose products that satisfy customers.

Contact information for the Bond Materials Department:

Bond Materials Department, Kureha Trading Co., Ltd.    TEL : 03(3639)8715    FAX : 03(3639)8733   
E-Mail :

Resins and Packaging Materials Division

We meet customer needs with a wide range of information on manufacturing devices, packaging materials, logistics and environmental problems. Our versatile applications include products closely related to daily life.

Contact information for the Resins & Packagings Materials Division:

Resins & Packagings Materials Division, Kureha Trading Co., Ltd.    TEL : 03(3639)8711    FAX : 03(3639)2652   
E-Mail :

Advanced Materials Division

In order to meet a wide range of needs, we supply everything from materials to processed goods and devices for the electric and electronic and semiconductor industries, where continuing development is expected. In addition, we actively take on the development of new products and fields.

Contact information for the Advanced Materials Division:

Advanced Materials Division, Kureha Trading Co., Ltd    TEL : 03(3639)8723    FAX : 03(3639)2655   
E-Mail :
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