Adhesive Division/Bond Material Department

Partner in the creation of new value

We contribute to advances in technical development by leveraging our information strengths in the field of adhesives and coatings.
We propose products that satisfy customers.


  • Epoxy resins
    • General-purpose epoxy resin
    • Special epoxy resin
  • Other resins
    • Acrylic resin
    • Urethane resin
  • Diluents
    • Reactive diluent
    • Nonreactive diluent
  • Hardeners
    • Amine
    • Acid anhydride
    • Polyamide
    • Latent hardener
  • Fillers
    • Silica and calcium carbonate
  • Other
    • Additives
    • Photoinitiator 〔Produced by DOUBLE BOND CHEMICAL IND., CO., LTD. 〕

Contact information for the Bond Materials Department
Bond Materials Department, Kureha Trading Co., Ltd. :
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