Adhesive Division/Resinous Bond Department

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Our department handles products from our manufacturing subsidiary Resinous Kasei Co., Ltd.
We offer functional adhesives for the electric and electronic parts industry and civil engineering and architecture.

Manufacturing Subsidiary Resinous Kasei Co., Ltd.

The company manufactures adhesives mainly for epoxy resins in the electric and electronic industry and civil engineering and architecture. In addition to the lineup of products, the company offers custom grade, commissioned manufacturing according to the specifications required by the customer by taking advantage of its original product development strength.
The company has two manufacturing bases: the Iwaki factory and the Higashi-Hiroshima factory.


  • FC Hard
    This product is an adhesive with the main properties of thermal hardening and UV hardening for the electric and electronic parts industry. The adhesive is used to bond electronic parts such as coil relays. This is applicable to epoxy resins and acrylic resins.
  • RKB Series
    This product is the epoxy stress-relaxation agent used for electric and electronic materials and structural adhesives. The agent is used as a casting agent in semiconductors and an adhesive for electronic parts.
  • PB Series
    This product is an ordinary temperature two-pack epoxy adhesive for bonding road surfaces and road studs or resin blocks. The series are adopted in different regions for the installation of visual guidance markers.

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