Resins & Packagings Materials Division

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We respond to customer expectations with a wide range of information on manufacturing devices, packaging materials, and logistics to environmental problems.


  • Molding and processing materials
    • General-purpose resin: Polyolefin resin, polyvinyl chloride resin, and polyvinyl acetate resin
    • Functional resin: Barrier resin, fluorinated resin, and different engineering plastics
    • Other products: Resin modifiers, stabilizers, adhesives, compound products, and synthetic rubber
  • Resin processed products
    • Different base materials for films and sheets, functional films and sheets, polyvinylidene chloride, polyester, nylon, PP, PE, PS, and other materials
    • Molded products A variety of different molded products, interior and exterior materials for vehicles and architecture, resin materials for cutting processes, different types of cushioning materials, parts, filters, and nonwoven fabric
  • Adhesive and tackiness agents
    • Hot-melt type, emulsion type, solvent type, and solvent-less type
  • Cutter knives
    • We directly import and sell cutting knives for food processing machines from Germany.
      In addition, we offer polishing processing services at our domestic factory using special polishing machines from Germany.
    • Chopper plate, knife, slicer blade, and skinner blade
  • Food packaging materials
    • Single layer and multilayer films, laminated films, barrier films and sheets, bag-making products, blow bottles, tray products, packaging tapes, and labels
  • Industrial packaging materials
    • Heavy-duty sacks, craft bags, flexible containers, and cushioning materials
  • Products for daily life
    • Kurewrap, Kichinto-San Series, household goods, and groceries
  • Adhesive processed product and supplementary materials
    • Industrial adhesive tape, surface protective film, and separators
  • Packaging machine (Sales agency of Omori Machinery Co., Ltd.)
    • Pillow packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine, bag feeding packaging machine, cup sealer, conveyor, carton former and sealer, as well as general packaging line equipment

General packaging line equipment

  • Manufacturing equipment
    • Weighing machine, filling machine, disinfection device, sorting machine, and sanitary equipment
  • Materials for physical distribution
    • Carrier trolleys, racks, pallets, containers, and tanks
  • Miso-cup products

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